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Member & Patient Identity Intelligence

According to CDW's 2017 Patient Engagement Perspectives Study, 70% of patients are becoming more knowledgeable about personal medical information in 2017; 60% of patients are saving time, 50% of patients are increasing overall engagement with personal healthcare, 49% are seeing improvement in overall healthcare convenience, and 46% of people are saving unnecessary phone calls and appointments.

Source - CDW

  “Mango Health’s success in keeping patients engaged in their care through fun, user-friendly mobile applications is a natural extension of the care our pharmacists provide to our members, we look forward to bringing together our unique capabilities to motivate patients and encourage positive and healthy behaviors.”

-Glen Stettin, Chief Innovation Officer, Express Scripts
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Tracy Walsh: 5 Reasons Why RAND Study May Underestimate Benefits of DTC Telehealth Services

1. The study's definition of direct-to-consumer telehealth isn't the industry standard.
2. The analysis fails to account for the majority of services delivered via direct-to-consumer platforms.
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Source: Health Data Management
Where is ‘the Human’ in Digital Health Technology? | Kirsten Ostherr  Where is ‘the Human’ in Digital Health Technology? | Kirsten Ostherr

Like many fields, medicine is increasingly driven by big data, algorithms, simulations, and mobile technologies that promise personalization, efficiency, and scalability. Many doctors and patients are left wondering how the human experience of health and disease fits into this highly technological world.
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