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According to a NYU Langone Medical Center study of 1,604 US smartphone owners conducted in June 2015, some 58% of smartphone users have downloaded a health-related app. 41% , downloaded more than five apps. Almost half of respondents, 41%, said they would not pay for a health app, while 20% said they would pay a maximum of $1.99, and 22% would pay a maximum of between $2.00 and $5.99.

SourceNYU School of Medicine via MobiHealthNews

"There's a huge cultural lack of understanding between [app] developers and the consumers. The developer wants to get something out there fast that looks cool, but just being cool isn't enough for a physician to recommend it to somebody. They really need to submit them [the apps] to clinical trials like we would for anything else."

Paul Krebs, PhD, Assistant Professor, NYU Langone Medical Center's Dept. of Population Health
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8 Lessons Apple Is Learning From 8 Mobile Health Apps

1. Successful mHealth apps are ‘sticky’ and ‘engaging’
2. Apps should run on Android, too
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Source: IT World
Catching Up with Validic, the Digital Health Connector  Catching Up with Validic, the Digital Health Connector

Pat Salber catches up with Drew Schiller, CTO of Validic at the 2015 Health 2.0 annual meeting in Santa Clara, California.
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