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Managing Health Over Healthcare, The World of Health Plans

According to a report from Wainhouse Research, 89% of the 184 providers surveyed describe streaming video as an effective tool for communicating work-related information. And 75% said their organization should be doing more with mHealth technology. But when asked to explain why streaming video should be deployed, only 59% rated productivity as a key metric and 54% cited reduced travel costs.

Source - Excerpted from mHealth Intelligence

  I think mobile health is going to mean medical diagnostic tests for nutrition or wellness, a service that the major smartphone companies can help provide. They are looking for ways that healthcare can fold in with their capabilities. Were hoping to find companies that are interested in differentiating their phone from others by having this capability.

-Brian Cunningham, Professor, University of Illinois
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Kalorama: 5 Telehealth Facts

1. Referrals and Prescriptions Drive Telehealth
2. Reimbursement Is an Issue But an Improving One"
3. Mental Health is an Opportunity Area
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Source: PR Newswire
Understanding the Rapidly Developing Field of Mobile Mental Health  Understanding the Rapidly Developing Field of Mobile Mental Health

In recent years, there has been an explosion of interest in and research on the use of mental health technologies that aim to treat and manage mental health problems.
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