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"I think a lot of folks in pharma marketing now are being given a directive from above to increase the use of digital within their marketing programs and specifically in mHealth and wearable devices, which is a very hot and popular topic right now, but doing it just for the sake of doing it will not have the impact that pharma’s looking to have. Designing programs around patients who are interested in monitoring their conditions and figuring out their unmet needs will have that impact."

-Jeremy Brody, Executive VP, Corporate Development, Kantar Health
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One-quarter of consumers surveyed (25%) say they have received virtual healthcare services, up from 21% in our 2017 virtual healthcare research. Of those who have accessed care virtually, 74% were satisfied with the experience. Nearly half (47%) of all respondents would prefer a more immediate, virtual appointment over a delayed, in-person appointment. Nearly three-quarters of healthcare consumers would use virtual care for an after-hours appointment, and about two-thirds would use it for a follow-up appointment after seeing a doctor or other healthcare professional in person.
Excerpted from: Accenture 2018 Consumer Survey on Digital Health

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  Digital Health Q&A with Flex CEO Mike McNamara  

Digital Health Q&A with Flex CEO Mike McNamara

Mike McNamara, CEO of Flex, sat down with Kal Patel, M.D., senior vice president of digital health at Flex at this year’s JPMorgan Healthcare Conference to discuss digital health and how it is evolving in a more digital world.

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Health App Adoption Triples and Wearable Adoption Quadruples Since 2014
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Past 5 Year's Change in Hospitals Availability of Online Health Information
1. 2012: 27%
2. 2013: 43%
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Source: American Hospital Association Annual Survey IT Supplement Brief

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